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Executive Appointments System

Problem Statement:  

Selecting and nominating people to positions within the organization is one of the most important responsibilities associated with executive management/governor/agency administrator.  Individuals selected by these appointments help carry out a much broader range of management and policy making functions. They may lead departments and promote policy objectives within state boards and commissions.  Much of the nominating and appointment process, however, is still managed using spreadsheets and manual communication.

Our Solution:

Scope IT’s Executive Appointments System allows an organization/government agency to onboard an applicant.  The solution allows the admin to request shortlisted candidates to submit their profile.  The solution then creates an account for the candidates and sends them an email requesting submission of their profile.  Following this, the applicant is able to submit their profile, and the admin is able to select a candidate and appoint or nominate the candidate to a position in an entity (department/board/commission).  The solution tracks the various roles in each entity along with the appointee’s start date and end date.


  • Applicants can submit their profile along with supporting documentation
  • Admins can monitor the number of profiles submitted, upcoming appointments, and expired appointments
  • Admin site includes functionality to update appointee details, update entity details, and to make appointments
  • Admins can update the various roles available within a department/board/commission
  • Admins have the ability to update background questions, document type, qualification, gender, race, appointing authority
  • The system provides a dashboard that allows the application user to look through lists of boards and commissions and the corresponding list of appointees
  • The system provides a report that allows the application user to understand the list of upcoming appointment expirations for each entity
  • The system allows the application user to update the status of an appointee at any time for voluntary or involuntary reasons (termination, deceased, resigned)
  •  The system allows appointees to update their existing profile when requested for reappointment purposes
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