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Permitting and Right Of Way System

Problem Statement:  

State and local governments spend over $200 billion on highways, roads, and other construction projects each year.  Agency transportation departments have antiquated systems that manage the process of permitting these constructions, assessing environmental impacts, tracking permits, and right of way.  

Our Solution:

Scope IT’s Permitting and Right Of Way System (ROWS) is an online solution utilized by Government transportation agencies to track construction projects, and manage their environmental permits. This solution will allow agencies to assess the environmental effects of proposed construction projects prior to permitting as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). There are nine (9) major program areas, with several subsets, that utilize multiple dates and status designations to document the daily coordination with federal and state regulatory agencies. Each major program area has a staff user reviewing, entering status update, and coordinating the permitting of project for that area. Government transportation agency must receive clearance or approval from the regulatory agencies before proceeding with the purchase of right of way with federal funds. Once all tasks are complete, and NEPA requirements are met, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will concur with the project’s environmental classification and right of way acquisition can begin.


  • Initiation of new project and synchronization with agency database
        • Initiation of new project in ROWS for environmental clearance and permitting 
        • Initiation of nine areas and assignment of associated tasks to users
  • Contract Creation and Invoice Processing
        • Selection of contractor and contract creation 
        • Easy Invoicing and Payment Processing
  • Integration with Esri ArcGIS
        • Pull up the map and find the list of all projects in a geographic area
        • Click on a project in the map and get all project details
        • Offline functionality to upload photos & comments while inspecting the site
  • Rich Reporting Capabilities
        • Summary, detailed, and exception reports for each project and permitting area
        • Reports shown in various formats including bar chart, line chart
        • Capability to export all reports to excel 
  • Document and System Integrations
        • Integration with Hyland OnBase document management solution to track all documents created and uploaded
        • Real time integration with Government agency construction projects system of record
        • Capability to securely FTP data created in ROWS as needed
  • Security
        • Single-Sign-On (SSO) implementation with Government agency authentication data using LDAP/SAML
        • Layered security model for authorization and access control
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