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Mobile App Development

Problem Statement:  

According to Statista, over 6.9 billion people are smartphone users in the World as of Jan. 2023.  That is 86.4% of the World’s population. Smartphone users are spending more time each day on their phones and they continue to use more mobile apps each day for finances, games, movies, shopping, news, collaboration, conducting business, and accessing Government services.  The users have become quite sophisticated in using high quality apps and expect the same quality and features in the apps provided by organizations and government agencies.  Organizations, and especially government agencies are having a hard time keeping up with the rapidly evolving mobile technology stack and usage patterns.  With users rarely giving an app a second chance if they are not happy with their first interaction, it is imperative that organizations get their mobile strategy right the first time.

Our Solution:

Scope IT’s expert Mobile Team has helped multitude of companies with development of mobile apps that are accessible in all popular mobile platforms.  We build mobile apps with rich UI/UX experience, push notifications, admin web interface, and apps built with cross platform development API.  Our industry leading Mobile Back-End As a Service (MBaaS) is a cloud hosted service layer to support the mobile applications and acts as a wrapper/bridge for all services supported by the mobile app.


  • Apps for all versions of iOS, watchOS, Android, and Wear OS
  • Native and cross-platform apps
  • Enterprise apps and monetized products
  • Experience in publishing apps to app market, go live support, documentation, training, and metrics
  • Vertical expertise that allows for development of a mobile app strategy that is extensible, maintainable, and highly performant
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