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KanLovKids EHR

Case Background

The KanLovKids (KLK) Project offers Low Vision Collaborative Clinics (LVCC) and Low Vision Collaborative Clinics+ (LVCC+) to children from ages birth through 21 who reside in Kansas.  This is one of several services offered by the Kansas State School For the Blind (KSSB). These clinics offer a functional and multidisciplinary approach. Parents, teachers, and therapists are encouraged to attend and bring questions.  KLK Clinics were facing the following challenges:


  • All data relating to clinics, patients, and prescriptions were managed as individual files in a file system
  • As the clinics got popular, management of large number of unrelated files to manage the program was time consuming and inefficient

Implementation Overview

Scope IT was awarded the contract to build KSSB’s Electronic Health Record System. Scope IT hosted the system on Amazon’s GovCloud. The solution allowed KSSB support staff and field specialists to keep track of all KanLovKids evaluation clinics across the State, patients enrolled in those clinics, and patient information. Doctors can access the system to evaluate patients attending the clinic, enter prescriptions, assess, and provide final reports. Doctors are also able to submit an invoice for payment that is processed through a payment workflow.  Scope IT also migrated existing patient data and reports to the new system.


KanLovKids EHR went live 6 months after project kick off.  As soon as the COVID pandemic hit, upon KSSB’s request, Scope IT upgraded the solution to support virtual clinics within a month.  Scope IT continues to support this solution for the past several years with additional upgrades such as equipment invoices since go live.

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