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Problem Statement:  

Organizations are looking for an efficient way to manage grants.  Existing solutions in the market are either too costly or too rigid.  Their cookie-cutter business processes will require organizations to change their business process while they are implementing a complex technology solution.  This is a risky proposition.

Our Solution:

Scope IT Consulting’s Grants Management System effortlessly administers and automates the grants management process for government agencies, non-profit organizations, and universities. The system includes grant discovery, budget planning, peer collaboration, regulatory compliance, proposal submission, administrative reporting, and project tracking. Modernized and automated Grant Management system enables accuracy, consistency and reduces administrative burden.

Our solution is easy to configure to align with the organizational business process.  Since it is built on a modern, low-code platform, and hosted in the cloud, most organizations will realize their return on investment in a short period of time.  


  • Automated discovery of available Grants via known funding sources
  • Streamlined grants application process for applicants
  • Auto adjudication, and customizable approval workflow process
  • Tracks post-award grant-related activity and report results to stakeholders
  • Simplifies document management with cloud storage
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